A Day in the Life – Insight Manager In this series of blog posts, we are speaking to members of the Lending Standards Board (LSB) to understand more about what brought them to... Published October 6, 2021 Standards for all: Delivering good outcomes regardless of size: Part 2: Assurance Without assurance measures in place, firms cannot be confident that they are treating their customers fairly and delivering good outcomes. Published September 16, 2021 Lunch 'n' Learn - Episode 1: Empathy This new podcast series will explore how financial service providers can provide better customer outcomes. Our first episode looks at empathy and provides considerations for... Published September 15, 2021 Culture and the CRM Code: why culture matters to good outcomes This thought piece looks at the importance of culture within firms as it relates to the Contingent Reimbursement Model Code for Authorised Push Payment Scams... Published September 9, 2021


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