Meet the team

Our team offers a long and successful track record in the lending industry and across a variety of related sectors

Executive management

Emma Lovell
Chief Executive

Compliance team

Liz Thompson
Head of Compliance
Shada Nasrullah
Senior Compliance Manager
Paul Mellonby
Senior Compliance Manager
Simon Bailey
Compliance Manager
Paul Fletcher
Compliance Manager
Kajal Popat
Compliance Manager
Bernard MacGregor
Compliance Manager
Mark Walker
Compliance Manager

Policy and legal

Laura Mahoney
Head of Policy and Legal
Justin Protts
Policy Manager
Bee Thakur
Policy Manager
Joel Kyereme
Policy Analyst

Insight & Support

Anna Roughley
Head of Insight & Support
Harry Hughes
Senior Insight & Support Manager
Laura Considine-Pugsley
Strategic Relationship & Compliance Manager
Jess Roberts
Insight & Support Manager
Olivia Bamber
Communications Manager

Finance and Operations

Laura Barry
Head of Finance
Patricia Kearney
Head of Operations
Laura Schofield
Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive and Team Assistant

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