The customer journey in a digital world: innovation and good outcomes digital workshop

Innovation and the pace of change in financial technology means more choice and access for customers, but what risks could it present and how can these be overcome to ensure good customer outcomes in the digital journey?

To support firms to identify and be prepared for these risks and to seize potential opportunities in this space, we will be holding a workshop on 28 January 2021 for fintechs and digital providers, focusing on three key areas of the customer journey:

  • product design
  • product sale and
  • ongoing account management

Key considerations will include the potential impact on vulnerability, financial difficulties and customer communication.

Attendees will gain insights from both the LSB and other participants on the opportunities and risks in the digital space and how to address these. It will help challenge some of the common perceptions and misconceptions around the digital customer journey and highlight examples of best practice.

If you would like to find out more about signing up to this event, please email by Wednesday 13 January 2021.




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