2020: The Year in Insight

Throughout the past year, we have focused on identifying, supporting and helping firms to adapt to changes caused by the pandemic, in order to protect their customers.

Improving the odds of a good outcome: tier restrictions and problem gambling

How can financial service firms identify the early signs of problem gambling in order to support customers? Find out more about problem gambling and how you can protect customers.

The meaning of life experience: contact centre staff and customer outcomes – summary

Does the life experience of customer contact agents have an impact on the service customers receive? Our new research explores the impact of life experience on customer outcomes, highlighting the importance and risks of applying personal life experience to your customer service to enhance company culture and improve customer outcomes.

World Mental Health Day: Raising awareness to raise standards

As part of our commitment to World Mental Health Day, we are working with four charities to raise awareness of the impact of mental health on financial wellbeing.

Coronavirus Insights Series 2: Life after lockdown – Supporting customers

Insight & Support provide considerations for firms dealing with customers who may be apprehensive about living in the ‘new normal’ in this thought piece.

Coronavirus; working through it – summary

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Insight & Support published a series of thought pieces focusing on authorised push payment (APP) scams, vulnerability, and SME financial difficulty.