Customer vulnerability in the digital space: challenges and opportunities

We are delighted to be hosting the third in our series of digital events in London on 13th December, continuing the debate on vulnerability and the challenges and opportunities in the digital space.

In recent months and in collaboration with Innovate Finance, we held two events with our Registered Firms and FinTechs, to gain insight into how the industry is addressing current issues and making the most of digital developments. Insightful and informative, the debates enabled us to explore the opportunities and impacts of digital offerings, and also how this could impact on the Standards of Lending Practice. Highlights from our previous events can be found here.

Our next event will bring our Registered Firms and Fintechs together again as we look to take the debate to the next level, explore solutions and share best practices. We are also keen to promote and see more collaborative work in this area between traditional financial products providers and digital experts.

If you work at one of our Registered Firms or if you are in the FinTech space and would like to join the debate, please email for more information.

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