As a key element of the LSB’s oversight strategy, our development workstream represents a continuous cycle of improvement aimed at creating and consistently enhancing the Standards and any supporting information for the benefit of Registered Firms and their customers.

The LSB achieve this through direct and insightful discussions with Firms and other stakeholders, covering existing areas of the Standards as well as new industry topics. Find out more about our approach and oversight here.

Our latest development project is open for your input. We are looking at the challenges and achievements experienced by financial services organisations when developing or offering products and services to their customers via digital channels; more specifically, the project will also aim to identify areas where the Standards, or supporting information, may benefit from enhancements to ensure that the protections offered take account of the technological advancements provided via digital channels, throughout the customer journey.

Click here to find out more about the project and how you can share your thoughts and feedback.


Deadline for submissions: 11th January 2017