Become a Registered Firm

Our Registered Firms are drawn from the consumer credit industry and currently include high street banks and credit card providers, debt collection agencies and debt purchase firms.  By following the Standards of Lending Practice firms can demonstrate their commitment to achieving fair customer outcomes.

How to apply?

A detailed and proportionate assessment of your business will be undertaken as part of the application process.  Prior to this assessment we will ask you to pay an application fee and once your application is accepted an annual registration fee becomes due.

The application process is simple and includes the following key steps:

  1. You provide us with some basic information about your firm by completing an initial online form
  2. Upon receipt we will send you a questionnaire and the application fee invoice. At this point, a designated LSB Compliance Manager is also allocated to your firm
  3. Upon receipt of your information and full payment of the application fee, we undertake a preliminary desktop review of your information
  4. This is followed by an onsite visit including testing of processes where we will look to strengthen our understanding of how your business operates in practice
  5. We will discuss any findings and inform you of our decision through a formal report
  6. At this point the annual registration fee becomes due and once paid, you will become a Registered Firm

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When you sign up to the Standards, you demonstrate your commitment to fair lending as a registered firm.

The LSB Registration Rules are currently under review.