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Financial promotions and communications

Customer outcome: all product information presented to the customer will be clear, fair and not misleading and enable the customer to understand the key features and risks of the product including the interest rates, fees and charges that apply.

Firms will achieve this: with systems and controls at product design, financial promotion and product review stages that assess product performance and ensure product information is clear, fair and not misleading.


Product sale

Customer outcome: customers will only be provided with a product that is affordable and which meets their needs or requirements.

Firms will achieve this: with systems and controls that ensure the sales process, training and incentives promote the right behaviours and directs their employees, or their agents, to deliver the right customer outcome.

Account maintenance and servicing

Customer outcome: customer requests will be dealt with in a timely, secure and accurate manner. Information provided to customers will be clear in terms of presentation and in clarifying any action that the customer needs to take.

Firms will achieve this: with systems, processes and controls that aim to provide an accurate view of the customer’s relationship with the Firm and the relevant lending products they hold. Information held about, and sent to, the customer is up to date and that this is underpinned by appropriately skilled and knowledgeable staff.

Money management

Customer outcome: customers will be helped with managing their finances through pro-active and reactive measures designed to identify signs of financial stress and to help them avoid falling into financial difficulty.

Firms will achieve this: with systems and controls that are capable of identifying, across the relevant products held, where customers may be showing signs of financial stress at any point in the customer lifecycle, and pro-actively engaging with the customer to provide an appropriate solution.


Financial difficulty

Customer outcome: customers in financial difficulty, or in the early stages of the collections process, will receive appropriate support and fair treatment, across the different communication channels offered, in order to help them deal with their debts in the most suitable way.

Firms will achieve this: with systems and controls that are capable of identifying and subsequently, supporting customers in financial difficulty. Firms should be able to demonstrate that a sympathetic and positive approach has been applied when considering a customer’s financial situation.

Consumer vulnerability

Customer outcome: inclusive products and services take into account the broad range of customers to which they may apply and contain appropriate flexibility to meet the needs of customers who may be, or are in, a vulnerable situation. Where customers are identified as, or the Firm has reason to believe that they may be, vulnerable, appropriate adjustments are made to ensure that their individual circumstances are accommodated to enable the customer, or their authorised third party, to manage their account(s).

Firms will achieve this: with systems and controls that are capable of assisting in the identification of customers who are, or may be, in a vulnerable situation, and having appropriate measures, referral points and skilled staff to deal appropriately with the customer once identified.

Governance and oversight

Customer outcome: customers will receive a fair outcome when taking out a consumer credit product and throughout the whole customer lifecycle, wherever the interaction with the customer takes place.

Firms will achieve this: with systems, controls and governance arrangements that ensure that there is effective senior management oversight of the Firm’s achievement of the customer outcomes contained in the Standards of Lending Practice.

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