Standards for all: Delivering good outcomes regardless of size: Part 2: Assurance Having effective assurance measures in place for your firm, regardless of its size, is vital to ensure the best outcomes for your customers. The second part of... Published September 16, 2021 New podcast series - Lunch 'n' Learn Tune in to our new podcast ‘Lunch 'n' Learn’ brought to you by the LSB Insight team. This new series will explore how financial service... Published September 15, 2021 Culture and the CRM Code: why culture matters to good outcomes The culture of a firm is of vital importance to how it interacts with its staff, customers, and stakeholders. And for signatory firms of the... Published September 9, 2021 Why the CRM Code’s protections are here to stay The industry-supported Contingent Reimbursement Model Code seeks to ensure better customer outcomes are at the centre of the fight against Authorised Push Payment fraud. As... Published September 7, 2021


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