Tackling the challenge of APP scams - Collaboration Network speech Collaboration to tackle the increase in APP scam attempts and reinforce prevention is a growing focus. Anna Roughley spoke at the Collaboration Network conference yesterday on why we... Published October 15, 2021 Priorities for ensuring fair lending standards - Westminster Business Forum speech LSB Chief Executive, Emma Lovell, spoke at the Westminster Business Forum's ‘Next steps for consumer credit’ event today about the priorities for ensuring fair lending... Published October 8, 2021 A Day in the Life - Insight Manager As the latest instalment in our new blog series ‘A Day In The Life’ – we present to you Jess Roberts, Insight Manager at the... Published October 6, 2021 Standards for all: Delivering good outcomes regardless of size: Part 2: Assurance Having effective assurance measures in place for your firm, regardless of its size, is vital to ensure the best outcomes for your customers. The second part of... Published September 16, 2021


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